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"Women should realize that, irrespective of their education or position, their formost obligation is to protect the home."
District Level Sadhana Camp at Kosagumuda of Nabarangpur
Kosagumuda, Nawrangapur, Nawarangpur
October 07, 2018
Loving Sai Ram. A District Level Sadhana Camp was organized at Kosagumuda of Nabarangpur District on 07.10.2018.
Posted By: Nawrangapur,  Nawarangpur
PreSevadal Mentors and Facilitator's orientetion programme
Kendrapara, Kendrapara, Kendrapara
October 07, 2018
With the blessing & grace of Bhagaban Sri Sathya Sai Baba, a District Level Pre-Sevadal Mentors and Facilitator’s Orientation Programme was held on 7th October 2018 (Sunday) in the premises of Sathya Sai temple, Kendrapara, Kendrapara District.
Posted By: Kendrapara,  Kendrapara
District Level Bal Vikas Guru Training ,Nayagada
Itamati, Nayagarh
September 23, 2018
More than 70 Brothers and sisters joined with a sankalp to revive the glory of BV in Nayagarh District. It was a occasion of district level bv guru training at Baunshiapada, Itamati samiti on 23rd September organised under the guidance of BR. Ashok Kumar Hota. DP Ganjam2 Br. Pratap Swain and gurus from ideal bv centre Bellaguntha named Pabitra Rout, Prasanna Pradhan, DEC Khurda Smt Manorama Apa discussed on various techniques and motivated gurus. The teaching aids for Slok teaching was offered for the district. BR. Rajendra Sahoo took the charge of SBVCCM for Nayagarh district. In afternoon session detailed action plan was formulated to touch each Samiti to motivate gurus. Bv syllabus books, registers etc was made available to gurus
Posted By: Itamati,  Nayagarh
State level workshop of Artists at sai janani Bhubaneswar from 15.09.18 to 16.09.18
Bhubaneswar, Bhubaneswar
September 15, 2018
With the divine blessings of Bhagawan baba Two days long Artist workshop was inaugurated by State President in presence of State Trust Convener, State Education Coordinator and other dignitaries. Guest of the occasion was Principal Dhauli Arts and Crafts College. About 30 brothers and sisters from various districts are actively involved in the workshop
Posted By: Bhubaneswar,  Bhubaneswar
Patents study circle ,Anugul
Angul, Angul
September 15, 2018
With the blessings of bhagawan a study circle program of balvikas parents was organised by Anugul samithi on date 15.09.18 at Anugul .
Posted By: Angul,  Angul
Parents study circle Rourkela ,sundargarh
Rourkela, Sundergarh
September 10, 2018
Loving sairam.A parents study circle was conducted in shaktinagar balvikash in Rourkela samithi Topic:_Role of parents and gurus for the all round development of the child."Total 15 parents and five gurus were present.The interaction with and response of the parents was appreciable .
Posted By: Rourkela,  Sundergarh
District level Bal Vikas Guru Training ,Nuapada
Khariar, Nuapada
September 02, 2018
With the divine blessings of Bhagawan a district level balvikas guru training was organised at Dadhibaman temple of khariar where 99 gurus participated actively .
Posted By: Khariar,  Nuapada
KORAPUT, Koraput, Koraput
September 02, 2018
the district level youth meet was held at Koraput samithi on 2nd Sepetmebr 2018 from evening 3 to 7 pm under the guidance of district Youth Coordinator.
Posted By: Koraput,  Koraput
SUNDHIPUT, Similiguda, Koraput
September 02, 2018
The Janmastami was celebrated in different samithis and Bhajan Mandalis of the district in various ways. The SUndhiput Bhajan Mandali Bal Vikash students celebrated in an unique way and set example for the villagers.
Posted By: Similiguda,  Koraput
Raksha Bandhan Celebration by Kusumguda BV Students of Umerkote Samiti
Umerkote, Umerkote, Nawarangpur
August 26, 2018
Every year, the Kusumguda BV Centre students celebrate Raksha Bandhan in a simple but loving way. This year also they did it.
Posted By: Umerkote,  Nawarangpur
Baralaxmi Brata
Bargarh, Bargarh, Bargarh
August 13, 2018
By the grace of Bhagawan Baba Baralaxmi Brata was Organised by Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization on Friday before sarbana purnima .
Posted By: Bargarh,  Bargarh
Sundergarh, Sundergarh
August 13, 2018
Loving Sairam.. With Divine grace of Bhagawan "Zonal Level Guru Trainning for Group 1&2" was organised by Sundergarh Samithi of Sundergarh District on 12.08.2018 in which both Sundergarh and Jharsuguda District gurus participated. State President Sri Narayan Prasad Sar inaugurated the programme. State Resource persons deliberated on the issues and gave valuable inputs to make BalVikas more interesting, effective and meaningful through innovative ideas.
Posted By: Sundergarh,  Sundergarh
Balvikas Class at Pariabeda village
Dabugaon, Nawarangpur
August 12, 2018
Pariabeda is a small village under Dabugam Samiti where with Bhagawans blessings a Grama Darshan Propgramme was organized last year. Since then, there is remarkable change in the village. Balvikas Classes for Group-1 is being conducted regularly.
Posted By: Dabugaon,  Nawarangpur
Bargarh, Bargarh
August 12, 2018
By the blessings of Bhagawan ,Plantations carried out at Nadipara SSSVIP by Bargarh Samithi on 12/8/2018. BalVikas students, Gurus and parents took active part in this program.
Posted By: Bargarh,  Bargarh
DIstrict level balvikas guru satsang ,kotapeta Rayagada
Kothapeta, Rayagada
August 12, 2018
Sairam. Dist level Balvikas Gurus satsang was held at Kotapeta Samithi of Rayagada Dist where in around 60 Gurus have participated. This was conducted with main objective of motivating the Gurus to be more dedicated in conducting Balvikas classes.with swamis Grace it was grand success.????????????
Posted By: Kothapeta,  Rayagada
DNK Shiva Temple Cleaning
Raighar, Umerkote, Nawarangpur
August 12, 2018
The Sai Workers of Raighar Bhajan Mandali cleaned the Hospital on 12.08.2018.
Posted By: Umerkote,  Nawarangpur
Cuttack, Cuttack
August 11, 2018
With the blessings of Bhagawan Plantations carried out at Saraswati sishu Vidya Mandir, College square, Cuttack by our balvikas students with their parents on 11/8/2018.
Posted By: Cuttack,  Cuttack
Rourkela, Sundergarh
August 05, 2018
With the divine blessings of Bhagawan ,Group-3 Balvikash Students of Rourkela Samithi of Sundergarh District have successfully completed the project "ONE DAY WITH SAI" and submitted at the Lotud Feet of Swami on 05.08.2018.
Posted By: Rourkela,  Sundergarh
District Level Prashanti Seva Training Programme at Umerkote
Umerkote, Umerkote, Nawarangpur
August 05, 2018
A District Level Sevadal Training Programme was organized at Umerkote Samiti on 05.08.2018 which started at 2pm and concluded at 5pm.
Posted By: Umerkote,  Nawarangpur
District Level Programme - Ghoroku Sojado Somajoku Godho at Umerkote
Umerkote, Umerkote, Nawarangpur
August 05, 2018
A District Level Programme - Ghoroku Sojado Somajoku Godho, was succesfully organized by Umerkote Samiti today, i.e., on 05.08.2018.
Posted By: Umerkote,  Nawarangpur
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